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With automatic and accurate tracking, SOMNI Sleep System provides you with a comprehensive picture of your night, so that you have access to vital information which can improve your sleep.

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Wake up refreshed

and full of energy

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night completely alert? When your alarm clock rings in
the morning, do you feel groggy, tired and cranky? This is because you woke up during different
sleep stages. Somni Sleep System tracks your heartbeat, breathing and movements, and determines
your sleep stage in real time. This allows you to wake up during an appropriate stage, feeling
refreshed and ready

for the day ahead.


Improve Your Mindnight Rest

To improve your sleep, you need to first understand it. The consequences of sleep deprivation are not immediate, but when they begin to reveal themselves, the damage is already done. Do you get enough deep sleep for your body to recover? Do you get enough REM sleep for your mind to rest? Does a 3AM train wake you up? Is your room too bright, the temperature too high, or humidity too low? Somni Sleep System gathers these parameters, pairs them to your sleep data, and offers actionable suggestions to improve your sleep.



Quantity automatically tracked



Indicator of health,



Numbers of breaths per minute



Indicator of poor sleep quality



Room temperature value



Room humidity value

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Room noise value

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Room Brightness value



Quantity automatically tracked


How does it Work

Somni Sleep System offers a comprehensive approach to sleep monitoring. With supersensitive
sensors in the control unit, it measures environmental factors such as light, noise, temperature and
humidity. The Belt measures your heartbeat, breathing and movements, allowing it to determine
your real-time sleep stage. All data is then merged to provide you with comprehensive insights into
your sleep patterns and sleep environment.

SOMNI Control Unit
Heart rate monitoring
Smart alarm

Smart alarm

monitoring your sleep cycles to wake you up in the optimal moment

Breathing rate monitoring

real-time data + full night heartbeat and breathing report

Heart Rate Variability Report

HRV report measuring the quality of your health – higher values indicate good health and fitness condition

while low level indicates stress and fatigue)

Sleep quality management

Movement activity monitor

toss and turn report, measuring smaller and larger movements

Good night sleep is more important than you think!

Everyone has experienced tossing and turning, instead of enjoying a good night’s sleep. During those
moments, you realize that you are going to be exhausted, moody and cranky the next day. What we
often don’t realize is that there are many more negative long-term effects of sleep deprivation,
which can cause a substantial deterioration in both our mental and physical health. Sleep deprivation
can affect our mental abilities, weaken our immune system, and cause number of irreparable threats
to our health.

•  Memory issues   •   Weakened immunity   •   Mood changes   •   High blood pressure
• Weight gain   •   Risk of heart disease   •   Risk of diabetes   •   Low sex drive

Manage and improve your sleep, 

with the SOMNI app.

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Nightly Results

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Sleep Trends

Understand changes in your sleep and environment over time


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